Basic Variometer Prise Letzte Aktualisierung
1.19 Beta Kostenlos 13.05.2013
1. 1. Bugfix App crash (NumberFormatException 11.05.2013).
1. 2. Bugfix App crash (IllegalArgumentException 05.04.2013).
1.18 Beta Kostenlos 06.03.2013
1. 1. Bug fix for first start beep device.
1.17 Beta Kostenlos 22.02.2013
1. Add airspace controll view.
For legal reasons , I can not publish the airspace files.
I published a collection of OpenAir referencis.
Use at own risk.
1.16 Beta Kostenlos 06.02.2013
1. Fix Out of memory problem (recycle bitmaps onDestroy).
2. Sart stop service independent from View.
3. Add labels Airfeld height (m/ft), QNH and QFE (VarioView).
4. Add calc airfield height from QNH and QFE (Settings View).
5. make QNH editable (Settings View).
6. move AudioDevice in the Service.
1.15 Beta Kostenlos 03.02.2013
1. Add main view configure functionality. You have choice to use metric,
feet or both, disable, enable some labels and choice the placement in view
(Very important for the future labels).
2. Reduce memory usage (from 28MB to 15MB).
3. Make all views to singleton.
4. Bug fix for FL height
1.13 Beta Kostenlos 25.01.2013
1. Hot fix for “FL (ft)”. Output again in ft.
1.12 Beta Kostenlos 21.01.2013
1. fix java.lang.NullPointerException
2. fix java.lang.OutOfMemoryError
3. change audio Button from 0% 25%... into On/Off
4 Bug fix for audio barrier settings.
5. Add thermal lift barrier and max distance to settings.
6. Change vertical speed resolution from 0.5 m/s to 0.1 m/s.
7. Change tracking icon and vario layout.
1.09 Beta Kostenlos 17.01.2013
1. Add indicator (direction and distance) for last thermal lift in a radius of 0.5 km.
This functionality supported only relating with IGC_Tracker!
1.08 Beta Kostenlos 16.01.2013

  IGC Tracker Prise Letzte Aktualisierung
1.09 Beta Kostenlos 06.03.2013
1. hot fix for java.lang.NullPointerException on open empty flight book.
1.08 Beta Kostenlos 22.02.2013
1. hot fix for java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
in de.oganisyan.tracking.MapActivity.createGoogleMap
1.07 Beta Kostenlos 17.01.2013
1.06 Alpha Kostenlos 02.01.2013

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